Two Great Mohawk Carpets for Scottsdale Floors

Published on Tuesday, June 25th, 2013

For excellent carpet in Phoenix and Scottsdale, look no further than Scottsdale Flooring America. Unlike tile, concrete or even wood flooring, carpet is often one of the hardest surfaces to keep clean and maintained. Dirt gets worked in, traffic creates unsightly wear paths, and the sun can even fade and damage certain areas. Fortunately, the carpets and Scottsdale Flooring America are engineered to be long-lasting, durable and fade-resistant.

One such carpet is the Mohawk Complex Modular DT 135. This carpet, carried under the Karastan brand, is cool enough to make your home look modern and up to date, but has tough technical specifications to keep the wear and tear at bay. It also carries a Green Label Plus 1098 air quality rating, which means that the amount of air-quality degradation due to dyes and other treatments is kept to a minimum.

This excellent choice for Scottsdale carpet carries a Foot Traffic Recommendation of “Severe” making it ideal for homes with kids, pets, or lots of people. Families will enjoy a carpet that can handle being treated roughly.

But, while many of these features are common to many carpets, one factor that might not be is sustainability. In Scottsdale, many people pride themselves on being more concerned about the environment than the average city resident. Mohawk Complex Modular DT 135 is made from partially recycled materials, which means that the net impact on the environment when making this carpet is significantly less than “normal” carpet, while retaining attractiveness and durability.

Another great carpet in the Sustainable line for Karastan is the Hypnotizing Modular DT 157. It also carries the Green Label Plus 1098 air quality rating. Key differences are minor, but the DT 157 has a “heavy” traffic rating, down from the “severe” rating on the DT 135. Another difference is that the DT 157 has a lighter density and weight density.

Both of these carpets are an excellent finish for any Scottsdale home, and hold up well in a variety of conditions. You can also rest assured that you’re helping the environment since they both contain a minimum of 35% of recycled materials. See Scottsdale Flooring America for more details on these great carpets or other flooring options.

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