Trends In Flooring

Published on Tuesday, September 30th, 2014

Trends In Flooring

Flooring has become one of the first steps in the redesigning process. It has created character and given major focal points; usually assigned to an accent wall or great furniture. It is a room’s best accessory, and an anchor point throughout the house. Here’s a list of the best trends the market has to offer and why they have become so popular.

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Bamboo has always been a staple in the flooring industry. However the market has seen a huge increase in variety. No longer the simple styles traditionally offered by bamboo but color and style options. The bamboo is much more durable than the hardwood and it now offers the same look with wider planks and mimics the hardwood grains. Just as the case with hardwood, it is not safe for areas that may have moisture such as the kitchen.

Luxury Vinyl

luxury vinyl

It’s hard to think luxury when you think of vinyl but it stands up to the name with new characteristics. Since it holds up to moisture better than hardwoods it is perfect for wet areas in your home such as kitchen or bath. The look of vinyl has really upgraded to a copycat hardwood. It looks like the real deal and it’s a fraction of the price.

Reclaimed Wood

As the name implies, this type of wood flooring is reused. The timber is most commonly harvested years ago and recycled from an old building. The wood is then re-milled and cut into planks, usually wider than hardwood planks. This process makes the wood slightly more durable and offers more protection in moisture prone areas.

Hardwood Color Trends

hardwood color trends

Once upon a time most homes with hardwood flooring were warm, red tone woods. Hardwoods are offered in a variety of new, fresh color palettes from gray to gold-tone browns. The gray hardwoods are a process of sanding usually oak planks and finishing them with dye. Which entails a longer process and more expensive stain and sealant. The results are luxurious and highly sought after by new homebuyers.


These are just a few of the flooring trends in the market today. Contact us for your free samples and in home consultation. We look forward to inspiring you and achieving your home dreams with trendy, fresh flooring.

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