Benefits of Tile in Scottsdale

Published on Tuesday, August 2nd, 2022

Benefits of Tile in Scottsdale

Benefits of Tile in Scottsdale

When remodeling a house, flooring is an important consideration. There are several options, from tile to stone to carpet or hardwood, each with its own unique advantages and disadvantages. Some of these options have more advantages based on a given location or climate. For example, Scottsdale, Arizona experiences a great deal of heat, and also is a desert location, and as such is very dry.

Tile flooring, which is as long-lasting as it is durable, comes in a considerably greater range of hues, textures, and patterns than hardwood. Every form of design, from modern to classic to contemporary, has a tile pattern to match. When it comes to cost, care, beauty, and durability, tile is a top-tier material. Additionally, it is regarded as one of the most eco-friendly options for flooring in your house. Want to learn more about our tile installation services? Keep on reading!

Advantages Of Tile Flooring

Tile is an excellent flooring for any area or climate, for several reasons. In wet weather or climates, tile’s easy-to-clean properties give it a huge advantage over softer flooring such as carpet or even hardwoods. Track mud onto tile and it easily wipes off with virtually no effort. Tile, with the right sealant, rarely is at any risk for staining, and so is a good option for entryways and kitchens, even in houses that are primarily another type of flooring.

In Scottsdale, tile is a good option because of the heat. Tile tends to feel cool, even when outdoor temperatures climb. In summer in Phoenix and Scottsdale, residents tend to look for any way to “cheat” and save money on an electric bill. Because tile feels so much cooler than carpet, it might allow residents to keep the thermostat a degree higher, much like fans contribute to apparent comfort without actually lowering the temperature.

Here are some of the benefits of tile in Scottsdale:

  • Cost-Efficient. While not the cheapest flooring choice, tile is unquestionably less expensive than most hardwoods. Tile may be a terrific alternative for kitchens, bathrooms, and even bedrooms for homes on a budget. 
  • Remodeling Your Home. The ability of tiling to change the atmosphere of your environment is another advantage. If your location has a decent source of light, the reflection of the light from the glass tile will make the space look larger.
  • Long-Lasting. Typically composed of ceramic or porcelain, tile flooring is glazed to prevent stains, scratches, and general wear and tear. If there is a lot of foot activity in your home, a tile floor will undoubtedly survive for many years. Despite the fact that a hard impact might cause tiles to break, replacement costs are low. 
  • Cooling. Tile is crucial for homes in warm regions. Even on the hottest summer days, tile’s cool surface helps homeowners save money on their heat costs.
  • Beautiful. Tile is incredibly lovely while hardwood may be considered vintage. Hardwood cannot compare to the designs, colors, and textures found in tile. Tile is the best option for people who want their flooring to stand out. 
  • Easily Maintained. The ease of care and maintenance associated with tile flooring is one of its key advantages for homeowners. Tile is stain- and water-resistant, making it ideal for humid regions. Tile is a fantastic option for persons with allergies since dirt and dust do not adhere to it. Your tile floor will appear brand new with only a simple sweep and mop up of any dirt! 
  • Color. You can pick a tile that complements your house or creates a complementing contrast. However, you should also consider the amount of natural light the space receives. Dark tile will make it appear gloomy. A covered patio enclosed by trees or plants would likely be a darker environment. To make the area brighter, use a lighter-colored tile. You have greater freedom when the place is lighter. You might select a darker tile to offer an intriguing contrast or a lighter tile to produce a lighter overall appearance.
  • Style. Tile is available in a range of designs to suit your preferences and the aesthetic you want to achieve. Some feature designs while others are solid hues. Some are matte, while others are glazed. Some are smooth, while others have texture. Each decision you make will have an impact on both the final design of the floor and how simple it will be to clean the tile and grout. For instance, textured tile may discolor more quickly and hold dirt better. To keep your Scottsdale tile floors looking beautiful, you might need to invest in expert floor cleaning more regularly.

Disadvantages of Tile Flooring

There are a few disadvantages to tile. One is that while it is highly durable and easily cleanable, tile is hard and unforgiving. If you drop something on it, that thing will probably break before the tile does. This can be a real concern for families with small children or babies. Parents might feel that it is better for a child to learn to crawl and walk on something softer. Also, tile seems to be a strange choice for bedroom flooring. Even in houses that are primarily floored with tile, bedrooms are still often carpeted. One way to skirt the issue of having an uncomfortable floor in a house with tile is to use area rugs. Because rugs are less permanent and can be washed more easily than carpet, they are a great way to experience the durability and elegance of tile but retain the comfort of a softer flooring.

Because Scottsdale is a desert, the temperature swings from summer to winter can be rather pronounced. While summers are hot, the winters are cold enough to make tile a bit of a jolt when walking in bare feet. A good area rug can help mitigate this minor concern.

Hard, Cold Surface 

Although tile has a firm surface that is simple to maintain, it is not necessarily pleasant. Any location where you might need to stand for a long time is not a suitable candidate for this type of flooring. Kitchens often have tile flooring, but if you spend a lot of time cooking, you might want to think about another type of flooring or discover measures to lessen the pain. Rugs are a fantastic way to soften tile. They may also be a simple way to shield your feet from the freezing tile floors in the winter. 

Significant Weight 

Tile will typically be heavier than the majority of other forms of flooring, but the weight of your flooring may vary depending on the precise material you pick. This implies that if your property has an upstairs, it might not be the best flooring option. Ask a specialist to examine your home’s structural stability before installing tile in any rooms on an upper level to be sure it’s a secure decision.

Installing is a Challenge 

Tile is not the best option for novices if you want to lay your own flooring. There are several steps involved in installing tile flooring, and you normally require cement and grout in addition to several pieces of equipment. While an amateur might potentially lay tiles, the procedure is difficult and time-consuming. Any installation errors might have serious long-term or delayed repercussions. A professional crew can help you avoid some of the hardship of performing the work yourself, but because installing tiles requires so much effort, it can be pricey. 

Sealing Is Required 

One benefit of tile is its resistance to moisture, as we covered in our earlier blog post. The characteristic that makes tile the material frequently employed in locations with high humidity and spill risk, such as the bathroom, is not a given. It should be acceptable to use more expensive materials like marble tile, however unglazed ceramic tiles need to be sealed to prevent water damage. If grout lines are not properly sealed, they are also vulnerable to moisture. Water may soak into your flooring without sealant, weakening the installation and fostering mold growth. 

Learn More About the Benefits of Tile in Scottsdale

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