Scottsdale Stone Flooring

Scottsdale Flooring has a wide selection of natural stone, travertine, marble, and granite tiles and slabs. Stone has multiple applications aside from flooring such as: tub surrounds, showers, fireplaces, countertops and backsplashes. Samples are available during an in home consultation at your no cost, no obligation appointment.

Why Use Stone Flooring?


Stone flooring is much more unique than tile because the character in the stone are natural and unpredictable. Our most common stone offerings include granite, slate and marble that all have distinct qualities that make them better for different areas and projects. Granite is a more durable stone that works well for high traffic areas like kitchen and bathrooms. Marble offers a bold and luxurious look for a bold design choice. While slate is more refined it requires more maintenance as it needs to occasionally be resealed. Among the different stone flooring types are multiple finishes available such as polished, honed, and tumbled. Other finishes are unique to the type of stone.

How To Care For Your Stone

To care for your stone it is important to mop regularly. Stone should be cleaning with warm water and tile cleaner roughly every week or more depending on traffic areas. Never use soap or detergent as the can stick to the grout and cause mildew over time. Also it is important that the cleaner does not contain acids, vinegar, chlorines or ammonia, as they can discolor the grout. Mats will help maintain a long stone life, especially in dirt prone areas such as entering from outside or garage. Protective mats should be used under furniture, especially for outdoor stonework as the metal furnishings may cause rust.

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