Mistakes to Avoid When Buying Carpet

Published on Friday, February 5th, 2021

Carpet is one of the least expensive floor covering options out there, yet it makes such a beautiful addition to every home. You get to enjoy increased comfort, sound absorption, enhanced looks, and warmth. There are so many colors, patterns, and materials available on the market that you can easily find just the perfect carpet for your needs. 

Still, many people make quite a few mistakes when buying a carpet and end up with the one they didn’t want. Maybe it’s just the variety of choices that makes us more susceptible to mistakes. Buying a new carpet is not something we do every day, so we are likely to get confused with the entire process. Luckily, you have us to help you out! Follow our list of mistakes to avoid when buying a carpet, and you’ll end up with the perfect one for your home.

Believing that Weight Equals Quality

Most first-time buyers wrongly assume that a carpet with a high face weight is better than one with a low face weight. It’s a common mistake we all make. We take the weight as a sign of quality and buy carpets accordingly. With this floor covering option, however, several other factors come into play. 

Unfortunately, most retailers use the high face weight as the main selling feature. They miss mentioning the fact that density and twist play a vital role in carpet quality. Thus, you can have a carpet with low face weight but excellent density and twist, and it will outperform the other one with opposite features. 

Pro-tip for avoiding this mistake:

Carpet face weight won’t tell you a lot about the durability of the product. You have to look into density and twist, two specifications listed on the carpet label

  • Density stands for fibers per square inch – the closer the fibers are, the better the carpet. Denser carpets last longer and are less prone to dirt. 
  • Twist stands for a number of times a strand of fiber is twisted per inch. If you get a number of 4 or more, your carpet will be more durable. 

Remember, you don’t have to go for both high twist and density. Either of these two specifications will make your carpet durable. 

Going Cheap on Underpadding

This is one of the most frequent carpet buying mistakes people make. It might seem to you that the money invested in a carpet underpad would be better spent elsewhere. However, the underpad is crucial for the longevity of your carpet. It’s the thing that prevents premature wear and tear and absorbs the impacts of foot traffic. You might not see it, but the underpad plays a crucial role in the comfort and aesthetic of your carpet. 

Considering all of this, don’t make the mistake of investing money in the carpet face rather than the underpad. We always recommend people who are on a tight budget to do just the opposite. 

Pro-tip for avoiding this mistake:

Look into the carpet underpad thickness and density. The best would be to ask a carpet manufacturer for a recommendation according to the design of the desired carpet. In general, the thickness of carpet padding should be somewhere around ½ inches. When it comes to density, most carpet manufacturers recommend 6-8 lb for residential carpets. 

Assuming All Carpets Are the Same

Yes, we know a lot of carpets look the same. Be aware, however, that two carpets might look and feel identical but be completely different. The style and quality can differ a lot in these items, so you’ll want to dig deep into specifics before the purchase. If you’re comparing two carpets, make sure to check the fibers, style, quality, and warranties. These things will help you choose the best option.

Pro-tip for avoiding this mistake:

Use these carpet choosing tips to pick a perfect type of fiber:

  • Nylon is the most popular synthetic fiber used in the carpet because it is incredibly durable. However, it’s also the most expensive option. 
  • Polyester is an affordable option that ensures great durability and comes in many styles and colors. 
  • Polypropylene is the least expensive carpet fiber suitable for low-traffic areas. It’s very resilient in a looped form and doesn’t stain easily. 

Calculating Square Footage Incorrectly

If you want to avoid buying the wrong carpet for your home, make sure to get the right size. Before you go out there shopping, measure the area where your carpet will be installed. It’s essential to be as accurate as possible during the process. If you buy a carpet according to incorrect square footage measurements, you won’t be able to fit it in the room or will end up unsatisfied with the room aesthetic. 

Pro-tip for avoiding this mistake:

Calculating carpet requirements is much more challenging than simply taking room square footage. You have to consider everything from the width to tile direction of the carpet to get the best one for your needs. Thus, ask the salesperson for advice and take into account all the suggestions during the measuring process.

Picking the Wrong Style or Color

One of the mistakes to avoid when buying a carpet is going for style and color randomly. Not every color will fit your decor and your lifestyle. Some colors stain easier than others, so you’ll have difficulties maintaining them in high-traffic areas. Also, the color of the carpet can truly transform your interior. You should pick the shades wisely. 

Pro-tip for avoiding the mistake:

To avoid getting the wrong carpet style and color for your home, we composed a few questions to ask when buying a carpet

  • What is the best carpet color to hide dirt?
  • What type of carpet is easiest to clean?
  • What carpet color would you suggest for my decor?
  • Will my carpet color fade over time?
  • Why do some carpet colors look different in the house than in the store?

Getting the Wrong Carpet for Your Lifestyle

The best carpet to buy for your home is the one that suits your lifestyle. The conditions of your household should influence your final decision as well as the type of lifestyle you lead. If you have a large family and end up with a carpet that can’t withstand high traffic, you will be shopping for another one in no time. The same applies to dirt, pet hair, and other things that pose threat to carpet longevity and looks. 

Pro-tip for avoiding the mistake:

  • If you have pets, you might want to get a color of carpet similar to the pet hair. 
  • People living in sunnier climates should look up the colors that don’t fade easily, while those in damper climates should consider synthetic carpet fibers prone to mold and mildew. 
  • Those who worry about dirt might want to consider picking the carpet that stains less and cleans easier. 

Being Influenced By Promotions

It’s always tempting to get a carpet on a deal. Unfortunately, many deals are good only on the surface. The stores often forget to mention the underlying costs that make products much more expensive in the end. Thus, don’t believe the promises of having a free carpet installation or free underpad before double-checking the full price and underlying costs. 

Pro-tip for avoiding the mistake:

To avoid getting caught up in a promotion, always ask the salespeople what’s included in the price and whether there will be some extra expenses. 

Going for DIY Installation

By no means we are doubting your DIY skills, but you might want to consider professional carpet installation. If you have a basic, square room to carpet, you can definitely do everything on your own. However, the carpet installation that includes working in uniquely shaped rooms and around upholstery might be quite tricky. 

The poorly installed carpet can’t perform its basic purpose and might look aesthetically displeasing. There’s a reason why people recommend carpet installers, and the main one is professional services. Carpet techs have the necessary experience and tools to install any carpet type. For a few extra bucks, they will enhance the look of your interior and let you enjoy your brand new and beautiful carpet. 

Pro-tip for avoiding the mistake:

Another thing to check before opting for carpet DIY installation is the warranty. Many warranties require the carpet to be installed by professionals to be valid. 

If you need help installing your carpet in Scottsdale, make your appointment today with Scottsdale Flooring America. We are a family-owned business with more than 20 years of experience in the industry. Our flooring services include everything from carpet to stone installation, so you can browse through our options and find the most suitable one for your home

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