How To Choose The Right Carpet Color and Texture for your Space

Published on Friday, February 19th, 2021

As the best carpet company in Scottsdale, we understand customers’ concerns regarding buying carpet for their space. When customers are designing or redecorating a home, selecting the carpet can be a struggle. The number of options is overwhelming between the variations of colors, texture, fiber type, style, pattern, quality, and price. Additionally, on top of all the carpet options to choose from, where and who to purchase your carpet choice from becomes a factor in the decision process. At Scottsdale Flooring America, we are dedicated to helping every customer find the right carpet color, texture, and other important considerations for their space. 

The choice of carpet a customer chooses to place in their space is an investment that will withstand the amount of foot traffic and other movements it will endure over time. It is a wise idea for carpet shopping customers to do a little research of their own in addition to having a flooring company in Scottdale on your side that can work well in your favor in the carpet buying process.  With this help and knowledge, you will better understand carpet options that will fit best for your space, budget, and peace of mind. 

To help you with your carpet flooring options in Scottdale, we have provided some suggestions and information about how to select the right carpet for your home that will make the decision process more effective. 

Types of Carpets

When anyone looks at a piece of carpet, most people think that it’s all the same. However, different carpet types are made from various fibers that are natural or synthetic, which gives a different look and feel to the carpet. Each different type of carpets fibers also provides different characteristics. Here is a break down of the carpet types that can help you select the right flooring options in Scottsdale.


This a popular choice in carpet types as this material outperforms other fibers as it is more durable, resistant to wear, and requires low maintenance. Nylon fiber carpet is an excellent carpet product if you seek a carpet type to last a long time in high traffic areas. This carpet is great to withstand the normal daily activities that kids and pets have on the carpet. However, Nylon carpet does not ideal at fighting stains, but some nylon carpet options include a stain-resistant solution treatment. More expensive nylon fiber carpet typically is the strongest and softer type. You get what you pay for with pricing options of nylon fibered carpet. 


A carpet that is made with natural fibers and is considered an eco-friendly carpet choice. The wool carpet appearance is more appealing than other fibered carpet and is carefully woven fibers that help resist dirt. This option of wool carpeting is more expensive because of how sturdy and durable the carpet surface is. Wool carpet is durable and resilient, but not as much as nylon fiber carpet tends to give. Also, wool carpet fiber does require more work to maintain compared to other synthetic fiber made carpet


This fiber type of carpet is a polypropylene compound that resists fading, moisture, mildew, mold, and is inexpensive yet very pleasant looking. Olefin carpet has a high use for basements and outdoor purposes but looks great inside the home as it gives a wool-like appearance. Olefin carpet fibers are not as durable or resilient as nylon fiber carpets or other fiber carpets.  Olefin is often made into a looped Berber that helps conceal dirt, dust, and other particles. Typically, the choice of olefin carpet is to be placed in homes that have high traffic areas. 


This type of carpet is a synthetic fiber material that has many advantages. Polyester carpet is less expensive than nylon carpet, great at resisting stains, soft, and has a great look. As polyester tends to run a better price advantage over nylon, it isn’t easy to maintain and tends to shed. This carpet fiber is not as durable as nylon and is best placed in low traffic areas. Typically, polyester carpet is used in newly built homes and does not last as long as wool or nylon fibered carpet. 


This fiber type of carpet is a synthetic form that is a popular selection for homes with kids and pets. Triexta fibers are strong and have great wear and tear resistance. This fiber also has a high stain-resistant property that keeps it looking resilient longer. This is an inexpensive and eco-friendly selection for carpet that resists mold, mildew, and water. The Triexta carpet has a nice soft feel and but is hard to maintain with certain vacuum adjustments. 

Texture Types of Carpet

Not only will you have a various selection of carpet types, but you will also have different texture carpet options in Scottsdale. The texture of a carpet has to do with the fiber height, fiber pattern, and the fibers’ tightness or looseness. The texture choice can give different looks, feel, and purpose to a certain space. The texture options can also give you an understanding of the maintenance and durability of that particular texture carpet.  

  • Cut and Loop Pile –  A common selected carpet due to its durability and is a great option for areas that see low to high foot traffic. The fiber’s loops are cut at a short height, which gives the carpet texture a soft feel while holding its shape. 
  • Berber – A level loop pile made of thicker fiber yarn is usually made in a neutral shade with flecks of color throughout the fibers. Berber carpet is a durable texture and is perfect for placing in high-traffic areas. Additionally, having the flecks of color tends to mask dirt and stain quite well.
  • Saxony – A cut loop fiber carpet that features a deep and soft feel because of its longer pile length. Saxony texture carpet is a more formal texture and is created with densely packed, twisted fiber piles that stand straight up. The Saxony fiber’s height and direction usually display foot traffic more easily and would be better placed in a space that typically has low foot traffic. 
  • Frieze – Comparable to Saxony texture carpet, Frieze is a long cut loop fiber pile and has a casual appearance. The fibers are tightly twisted piles and stand in multiple directions give a less formal look. This texture type carpet is soft but dense and performs excellently in high foot traffic areas. Footprints and vacuum tracks don’t disrupt fiber, all facing in one direction.

Color Options of Carpets

Now that you have a better sense of carpet types and the fiber used for durability and resilience, you can consider the type that would work best for your home. Here comes the fun, yet challenging part of picking out carpet, selecting the right color. For many customers, the color of the carpet has many considerations, such as which color will go with the color of the walls? Which will color carpet will best complement the furniture?  Which color will show less dirt, fuzzy, or lint? 

There are many questions regarding the choice of carpet that best fits your space. The best advice we can give as Scottsdale carpet store in selecting the right color is starting in the home’s main rooms that tends to have the most interaction. Start in the spaces family room area and consider the furniture, mainly the couch, and consider a carpet color that compliments the couch.  Selecting a carpet color that does not clash with your current or even a new couch makes the process easier than matching the carpet to the paint on the walls. You have more options for paint colors then you often have with couch fabric colors. If you are completing starting from scratch with furniture, carpet, and paint, pick your coach first, select the color of the carpet, and then choose your paint palette. 

You can use this same method in addressing the carpet color of other rooms such as bedrooms and selecting furniture, bedding, and other room accents. It can be a lot easier and less expensive to change a bedspread to match the color carpet and the walls’ paint color. 

Neutral Carpet Colors

Neutral colors of carpet tend to be a large carpet sales in Scottsdale. In any space, the color choice of the carpet has a strong influence on the room’s energy, and vibrant colors in a vast area can be intense. As home trends change every so often, it is expensive to replace the carpet to stay updated, and this is a great reason to select neutral colors for carpeting. If you are looking to brighten or liven up a room, find other colorful elements such as lamps, throw pillows, art, and home decor items to enhance a particular space’s tone. Adding these types of colorful items is less expensive and easier to change out when trends come and go. 

Popular trends in choosing neutral carpet colors are seen in shades of warm grays, earth tones, and the classic beige. Although neutral color carpet seems dull, you can select for carpet with texture to give a more interesting appeal.  You can find carpet texture in a cut and loop style or Frieze that gives a lively and define look while stilling still being subtle enough to reflect being an eye-catcher of the room.  

Berber Flecks Carpet

If the neutral carpet does not interest you and you want more character, then the option of choosing Berber flecked color possibly could meet your expectations. This type of carpet is a looped style of carpet that has flecks of color throughout the fibers. Most commonly, Berber flecks carpet appear in neutral colors with deeper and darker colors blended in as the flecks. 

Berber flecks carpet is not only pleasing to the eye but is extremely functional. Berber flecks can reduce the visibility of lint and dirt that can be seen between routine vacuuming uses. If you find that you are the type who can’t stand to see any dirt, lint, or fuzz on your carpet, then Berber fleck carpet flooring options in Scottsdale might ease that annoyance. 

Color and Living habits Concerns

Of course, the type of daily activity placed on a carpet and where the carpet will be laid has a major factor in selecting the carpet. If your space houses a lot of foot traffic from adults, kids, and pets, then choosing a white or very light-colored carpet will show more dirt and stains than other colors. Remember that certain light and dark carper colors display much more unwanted bits of dirt and lint than mid-tones colors. Also, keep in mind that selecting dark colors will better hide foot traffic stains but will really show lint, fuzz, and dust than other carpets colors. Finding a carpet color that ranges between too dark and light will present the best color to hide these problems. 

Wisely Choose Your Color and Texture

As a Scottsdale Carpet Store, we really understand the importance of the carpet color your choice for your space. Carpet color has the ability to alter the entire feel and look of a room, so ensure to select your color, texture, and flooring company in Scottsdale wisely. Consider all your available carpet options, how to match it with other items of the space, and how trends change over the years can help you narrow down your perfect carpet selection. 

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