Cheat Sheet On Hardwood Flooring Options

Published on Friday, May 10th, 2019

Cheat Sheet On Hardwood Flooring Options

In our last blog post, we covered the benefits of selecting carpet flooring, and now, we will discuss the benefits of hardwood flooring options. As always, remember that the flooring throughout your home does not need to be consistent. It can be mixed and matched to best meet your needs for style and comfort. Just be sure to be bold and confident with your choices!

hardwood flooring options

Cheat Sheet on Flooring Options: Hardwood | Scottsdale Flooring America

The Natural Beauty of Hardwood Flooring Options

Many choose hardwood flooring solely for its natural beauty. Hardwood allows you to bring a touch of nature indoors and serves as the perfect neutral when decorating your home. With the large variety of colors, styles, stains, and species of wood from which to choose, you can easily find a hardwood flooring option that complements your design aesthetic.

What makes wood beautiful?

Wood has different characteristics and appeal, therefore a pair of boards taken from the same tree typically doesn’t look exactly alike. That’s because color, luster, texture, grain, and figure all come into play for a species visual appeal, and these characteristics put a high value on the most favored hardwood flooring options used.


A wood that naturally has luster reflects light from its cell walls and gives off a natural shine. Because of this, light-colored hardwoods will have natural sine, but that does not mean that dark-colored hardwoods won’t take a high polish when sanded, then buffed. Finishing also adds shine.


When considering your hardwood flooring options, the pattern of your hardwood flooring will not only shape the look of your floor, but it will also impact the general flow of your space. You may be surprised at how much a room can change just by changing the direction a floor is laid. When considering solid hardwood flooring installation layouts, there are a few different options. What can help you choose the pattern of your flooring is visiting our showroom and talking with our experts. We’re happy to help.

The Long-Term Investment of Wood Flooring

If your floor becomes damaged, simply buff and refinish. If you’re experiencing more extreme damage, you only have to replace the affected section, which costs around $8 to $12 per foot. If you are in the mood for a change of pace, simply have your floor restained or refinished. The lifespan of your wood floors can last 100 years with the proper care, sometimes longer.

The Ease of Care

Many homeowners choose hardwood flooring because they find it to be far easier to clean and maintain than carpet. Wood is highly durable, and even high traffic areas, such as the hallways, hold up over the years. If wine or food spills on your wood floor, you can simply wipe it up. And you can always add area rugs as you desire. To clean and avoid scratches, simply use a soft bristle brush or a damp mop to remove dirt and dust, and use mats in entryways as well as underneath your pets water and food dishes.

Indoor Air Quality

Advances in low VOC technology have certainly made the air quality of carpeting less of a concern, but even with these advances, dust, pollen, particles, animal dander, and allergens have a far more difficult time penetrating your hardwood flooring options. Wood floors do not capture the dust, dander, pollen, and other allergy-causing substances that build up in your home. Of course, you have to make sure your flooring is well maintained, but with regular cleaning and maintenance, your wood flooring allows for superior air quality.

A Timeless Flooring Option

Many homeowners choose to redecorate their home, which sometimes, leads to carpeting that still has several good years left in it being replaced. However, hardwood flooring is a timeless flooring option. When it is time to redecorate, simply switch your area rugs or re-stain your wood floors.

Hardwood flooring is available in multiple shades of natural blondes, browns, and reds, but can also be stained vibrant colors. You can even have your floor installed in several different shades or in an artistic pattern. On top of that, hardwood flooring increases the property value of your home, and unlike other flooring options, it increases in value as it ages.

You have the ability to completely customize the look of your home with your hardwood flooring options by selecting options such as wood species, colors, textures, hardness, board widths, and finish. On top of that, deciding which direction to lay your flooring, as well as choosing a custom design will transform the look of your home into your dream home. If you’re interested in wood flooring, feel free to visit our showroom or set up a no-obligation consultation. We are family owned and have been in operation for over 20 years, therefore have extensive knowledge about flooring.  Have questions? We’d love to help!

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