Farmhouse Flooring Ideas

Published on Friday, January 18th, 2019

Farmhouse Flooring IdeasThe farmhouse style in homes and businesses has taken over in the last few years and it doesn’t look like it is going anywhere any time soon. Instead, the farmhouse style is evolving and people are finding unique ways to make the style look fresh, new, and clean, reinventing the meaning of farmhouse style. If you are considering remodeling your home or business and the farmhouse theme is on the brain, consider some of our farmhouse flooring ideas to enhance the overall look and give it that added touch of natural that every good farmhouse has. We have compiled the most sought after farmhouse flooring ideas and listed them below.

Wide Planks

In our 2019 Flooring Trends blog post, we talked about wide planks becoming more and more popular for consumers and now we know why. Wide floor planks, whether it be wood, wood-look tile, or laminate are one of the great farmhouse flooring ideas that you could utilize to add that extra touch to your home. Wide plank flooring adds an upgraded look to a classic style and we are seeing more and more customers in search of this flooring style. The great thing about wide planks is that you can get them in multiple materials, colors, finishes, etc.

Matte Finish

One of the most popular farmhouse flooring ideas is matte finished flooring. When you think about farmhouses, glossy wood definitely doesn’t come to mind. The traditional finish for hardwood flooring is durable and has a non-sheen finish. If you choose to go with wood-look tile or laminate, you can choose a material that has a matte finish to go along with your more traditional farmhouse style. It is amazing the difference the finish of your flooring can make your home look and feel and while all finishes are beautiful, if you are looking for farmhouse flooring ideas, we definitely suggest going with a matte look.

Colors are Important

When you are picking out which flooring option is best for your farmhouse renovation, you will want to steer clear of any flooring materials that have hues of red, yellow, or orange. Farmhouse flooring should stay in the range of dark natural wood (real or look alike), white-washed or grey distressed, or lightwood with a traditional non-sheen finish. If you stick to any of these options, your home will be one step closer to looking like a dream farmhouse renovation.

Think About Texture

Take a second to think about a farmhouse, think about the wood…can you picture its imperfections, texture, and graining? When you go to Scottsdale Flooring America to pick out your farmhouse flooring, make sure you look at our selection of distressed wood. Textured wood that has “imperfections” can add so much depth and detail into your home decor. A lot of people don’t realize that it are those little details that really make a home look like a farmhouse. Manufacturers even make wood and other flooring materials to look like they are distressed and have little imperfections for these exact styled homes. The newer versions of the farmhouse glam are leaning towards cleaner, less cluttered spaces, which is why we love the textured flooring even more. It is a great way to add a farmhouse feel without overdoing it.

Farmhouse Flooring Ideas

Farmhouse Flooring IdeasWhether you are going classic farmhouse or are reinventing farmhouse glam, the flooring you choose is crucial for the overall look. Without the right farmhouse flooring ideas, you may pick something that doesn’t complete your home the way you originally anticipated. Make sure to visit your local flooring company to see ALL of their farmhouse flooring options. Whether you want classic hardwood or are looking for a look-alike material that is more affordable, the options are out there and they are endless.

The friendly staff at Scottsdale Flooring America will be happy to help you with anything when it comes to picking out the right flooring option for your home or business. Come visit our showroom today!

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