FAQs About Laminate Flooring

Published on Wednesday, February 19th, 2020


The Scottsdale Flooring America team is happy to answer your FAQs about laminate flooring! Our team of experts is available to answer any further questions and help you wherever you are on your floor buying journey. To learn more about laminate flooring, visit our laminate flooring page or contact us today!

What is laminate and how is it made?

Laminate is a beautiful, durable, and affordable flooring option that offers the appearance of a natural hardwood floor. While laminate flooring looks like natural hardwood flooring, there’s actually no solid wood used in its production. Most laminate flooring consists of a moisture-resistant layer under a layer of high-density fiberboard and topped with a high-resolution image of natural wood flooring. It is then finished with a very hard, very durable clear coating to protect the laminate itself.

It’s perfect for anyone who wants a durable floor for the fraction of the price – both for material and installation – of the hardwood floor and with the beauty of real, natural hardwood. Laminate flooring construction, therefore, is more environmentally-friendly because it uses less wood.

How do I clean and maintain my laminate flooring?

Laminate flooring is low maintenance and long-lasting flooring. To maintain your laminate flooring, simply dust mop or vacuum with a soft brush to keep your floor clean from dust, dirt or grit. This works to prevent scratches from dirt and dust, as well as from the cleaning tools.

  • Clean your laminate flooring with a damp cloth or mop to avoid damage and do not use excessive water.
  • Dry the floor with a clean, soft cloth.
  • Clean up spills immediately with a clean, dry cloth, sponge, or paper towel. Do not let excess liquid remain on your laminate floor!
  • Do not use soap-based detergents or abrasive cleaners on your laminate floor.
  • Do not use steel wool or scouring pads that may scratch the surface of your laminate floor.
  • Avoid wax and polish.
  • Do not steam clean.

With proper care, laminate can look as good as day one.

What is the difference between laminate and hardwood flooring?

The main difference between laminate and hardwood flooring is that laminate is not made of wood but is a photograph of a particular wood species or even a stone pattern. Additional differences include that hardwood should only be installed above grade, while laminate flooring can be installed above or below grade as well as over virtually any other flooring surface.

Laminate cannot be sanded and refinished as real hardwood flooring can and would have to be replaced when worn out and scratched. High-quality laminate flooring is significantly more durable compared to real hardwood flooring, therefore it is ideal for high trafficked areas such as hallways and kitchens. While both options can add value to your home, each offers various different benefits for different lifestyles.

Where is the best place to install laminate flooring?

You can install laminate in almost any room of your home, whether it’s above or below ground, or over wood or concrete. Some popular locations for laminate flooring include hallways and living areas because of its high durability quality, laminate can sustain high traffic areas with children and animals.

While laminate is a very versatile flooring option, there are several locations where it is not recommended to be installed. These areas include bathrooms, laundry rooms, or enclosed porches because extended exposure to moisture can cause this type of flooring to warp or swell. Wherever your laminate flooring is, be sure that all spills are mopped and dried promptly.

What do I have to do before installing laminate?

It’s important that your laminate flooring boards must be acclimated for 48 hours in the room they will be installed. The room your laminate flooring should be installed at a room temperature of at least 65ºF (15ºC). This temperature should be maintained before, during, and three days after the installation.

How do I determine the direction of my laminate flooring planks?

For any installation, the starting wall should be as long and straight as possible. To decide where to begin, consider incoming natural light. It’s most common for homeowners to install laminate flooring with the planks running parallel to the light coming in the windows.

How do laminate flooring planks lock together?

There are a few different types of edge joining systems used to connect laminate flooring planks together. While some snap together by hand, others will require a tap with a mallet. It’s important to read your laminate flooring installation instructions carefully and familiarize yourself with the locks before starting your installation.

Another option is, of course, to have your trusted flooring experts install your flooring for you. Scottsdale Flooring America has a dedicated team of passionate experts at the ready to install your flooring into a work of art.

FAQs About Laminate Flooring

Laminate flooring is a durable, beautiful, and affordable flooring option for any home. Wherever you are on your floor buying journey, our team of experts is here to help! Be sure to check out our showroom for multiple styles and brand options fit for any budget, and contact us for any questions.

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