Accent Tile – Knowing Which Space to Put It 

Published on Tuesday, December 29th, 2020

If you’re here looking for unique floor tiles, you came to the right place. Accent tiles are something different. Some would even argue they represent a piece of art or a fashion statement. With all the depth and movement they add to space, accent tiles certainly define the aesthetic of a room and make a first strong impression. One can watch them shimmer, glow, and move over and over again and still find them beautiful. But are accent tiles fashionable these days, and how to know where to put them? 

What is an Accent Tile?

Accent tiles come in many designs, styles, and sizes. Some of them look like mosaics, while others resemble large wood planks. There are so many options available out there that everyone can find something they like. You can choose not only the color but the design, size, and shape to meet all your needs. 

Where to Put Accent Tile

The question that might come to mind is where to put accent tiles? Some people put them on bathroom floors, and others decide to install them on kitchen backsplashes. Is there any rule for installing these tiles or not? We break down everything about accent tiles in the following sections, so don’t miss checking them out. 


Accent Tile - Knowing Which Space to Put It Accent tiles are often used to break up the existing tile pattern layout and make it stand out. They can also create borders in a room and add a sense of extra space to it. What we are trying to say is that you can install accent tiles pretty much everywhere. Alright, maybe not just everywhere, but walls and floors are certainly an option

Although accent tiles are not recommended as a complete flooring option, they are ideal for spaces that need a little extra spice. For example, a small part of the entryway floor can look incredible when boosted with accent tiles. The same applies to the bathroom and kitchen floors. As long as you stay with small floor portions, you will make your home more beautiful and functional. Even if it doesn’t seem so in the beginning, small changes can significantly improve the aesthetic of your home.


Accent Tile - Knowing Which Space to Put It Maybe the most popular installation place for accent tiles is the bathroom. These tiles can make the room more elegant or cheerful, which is very important if you think about it. We all tend to spend our peaceful moments in the bathroom, taking long baths after stressful days, or just enjoying a few quiet and private moments. Therefore, it’s crucial to have a room designed to give us peace and joy. 



If you’re considering bathroom accent tiles, here are some options for the installation:

  • Shower

First thing first, the shower. You can install accent tiles in several places around the area to make it cleaner and more organized. For example, a shower niche in accent tile looks beautiful and is functional at the same time. You get to store your accessories, stay organized, and enhance the appearance of the shower. 

If you’re up for adding more accent tiles or breaking the neutral color pattern, try installing them in an area surrounding the shower. This will create contrast or tone up with the existing pattern, depending on your choice of tile color and design. 

  • Mirror 

Have you ever seen mirrors with mosaic pieces surrounding them? Those are unique accent tiles you can install in a breeze and make your bathroom stand out. 

  • Walls and Borders

Think about tiles like paintings you can add to your wall to make it more beautiful. You can install them pretty much everywhere, from a bold wall to areas behind and around the sinks. As long as you mix and match them adequately, accent tiles will do wonders to the aesthetic of your bathroom. 


Accent Tile - Knowing Which Space to Put It The kitchen is another place where accent tiles look gorgeous. Whether you need to make a backsplash more appealing or design a wood-burning oven from scratch, accent tiles are there to help you. Some of the most popular kitchen accent tiles are mosaics and bubbles, but there are also other designs you can choose to match your home’s style. 



Other Stylish Options

With accent tiles, it’s good to think outside the box. We are talking about a unique tile type, after all. Therefore, feel free to explore your options and don’t hesitate to come up with something new. You can add accent tiles to fireplace surrounds, make a tabletop with mosaics, and much more. These are all great additions to the home’s interior and will make your house unique. 

Pros and Cons to Accent Tile 

To help you decide whether this is a good option for you, we made a list of pros and cons to installing accent tile in your home:


  • The main benefit of installing accent tiles in your home is the enhanced appearance. Colorful and uniquely shaped tiles can really boost the interior and make it more comfortable and aesthetically pleasing. 
  • People also opt for accent tiles when they want to increase the sale value of their homes. Even the smallest paths of accent tiles can make a difference in the first impression of home assessors and potential buyers. 
  • When installed and maintained properly, accent tiles can last for many years. There are no extra investments whatsoever. You only need to clean the tiles regularly, and that’s about it. 


  • Accent tiles tend to be slippery, and they are not recommended for covering the entire floor. When installed only on parts of the floors or walls, they are pretty safe to walk and lean on. 
  • Depending on the accent tile installation area, you might need to seek professional help. Accent tiles can be challenging to cut and glue at the right angle. Experienced individuals can do it with more precision and without much effort. 
  • Another drawback is the installation cost. Some accent tiles can be quite pricey, especially when placed on large areas. Those who are about to cover the entire bathroom wall with accent tiles can expect to pay extra for it. 

Accent Tile FAQ

We saved some additional questions for the end to make sure you have all the necessary information about accent tiles. After general use and pros and cons to accent tiles, we answer some questions about the installation itself. 

How do you install an accent tile?

If you’re an experienced DIYer, you shouldn’t have difficulties with installing accent tiles. You only need to measure the area, cut the tile sheet to size, spread the adhesive, and glue the tiles. However, this can sometimes be tricky in tight areas and with small tiles. If you’re not sure about the installation, don’t hesitate to call a professional. It will save you from all the trouble and prevent damages and costly repairs.  

What do you use to fill the space between tiles?

All gaps between tiles are sealed with grout, a mix that usually contains water, cement, and sand. The mixture is also used to fill voids and cracks in between the floor and the wall tiles. Grout is sometimes even painted in different colors to make the tiles more transparent and stylish. 

Do large tiles make the room look small?

No, quite the opposite. Large tiles give an illusion of more space. Because they are bigger and the joints are thinner and fewer, the area seems larger to the human eye. 

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