3 Trends in Tile- Wall and Flooring Tile

Published on Friday, December 26th, 2014

Wall and Flooring Tile Trends

Trends in Wall and Tile Flooring- Scottsdale Flooring AmericaJust as your personal style reflects your personality, the same goes for your home. When you allow guests and friends into your home you are offering a glimpse into your style choices. You’ve made the decision to install new tile flooring, but what are your options for trends in wall and flooring tile? Explore some of the newest trends in the tile-flooring category. There are several unique options to choose from including texture, finishes, and patterns that go from bold to simple and understated.

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Bold Geometrics Shapes and Patterns

Out with the old and boring, and in with the bold sophistication that comes from choosing a patterned tile. Some designers even go as far as choosing several patterned tiles that mimic an area rug. These tile patterns can contain a more simplistic approach, using simple shapes or lines, but can also be complex.

Adding Textures in Tile

Wall Tile- Scottsdale Flooring AmericaAdding textures to the wall and flooring tiles is a unique way to incorporate more of a decorative element. Textures in tile can range from naturalistic faux wood grains, to the industrial characteristics such as concrete and cement style finishes. These monochromatic finished allow for the durability of a tile, with the elements of something much more than meets the eye. A new, unique market trend incorporates the use reflective light that implies a 3-D tile. When the light reflects off the tile, it conveys a visual effect that shows life and movement within the tile.

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Unique Tile Finishes

Tile finishes have grown from the simplicity of adding smooth, textured, glazed or polished finishes. These finishes are dependent on the tile chosen including a ceramic, porcelain or glass tile. Finishes in tile may include wood grains for a hardwood look or concrete for a sleek, understated design. But why install a wood grain tile versus hardwood? Some may like the appearance of hardwood, but with it’s inability to be used in wet areas of the home, such as kitchen or bathroom, homeowners will use the durable tile with the mimic of hardwood.

Tile Flooring- Scottsdale Flooring AmericaTrends in wall and tile flooring are continually changing as new artists and designers find new and unique tile uses. For more information on wall or tile flooring, call the expert team at Scottsdale Flooring America.

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