2020 Flooring Trends

Published on Tuesday, September 3rd, 2019


It seems that everything that was once considered old, is new again. This is true to clothing, hair, and makeup styles, even art, furniture, and interior design. You may or may not be surprised by this list of Scottsdale Flooring America‘s prediction of 2020 Flooring Trends.

What makes flooring trendy? You might ask. Great question!

In our opinion, it’s a healthy mixture of practicality and creativity. In other words, floors that not only add value to your home but are a step above other homes in terms of adventurous functionality.

Mixed Width Flooring

Whether it be wood or tile, mixed width flooring has been trending all throughout 2019, and it’s been predicted to continue through the 2020 flooring trends.

Historically, mixed width hardwood flooring was created to utilize the cut of the tree in the most efficient way. Doing this gives off a natural, more authentic feel to your home. 

Naturally, this makes for a more cost-effective flooring option because there is very little waste in manufacturing.

Mixed Width

We predict mixed width flooring to remain high in the trends for a long while. It’s a decor choice that works with any style. Additionally, it works in any room to make it feel both larger or more intimate.

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Chevron and Herringbone


In addition to this simple and elegant pattern, the colors of this flooring play a big part in ranking in the top 2020 flooring trends.

More and more homeowners are searching for ways to incorporate the essence of the outdoors within the coziness of the home. This natural hardwood flooring shade integrates organic material with holistic charm.

The key differences between chevron and herringbone flooring are that chevron forms a “v” shape and creating a zig-zag shape. Herringbone is similar but results in a “broken” zig-zag shape. Pictured above is chevron and below is herringbone. Which is your favorite?

2020 Flooring Trends Herringbone

Chessboard Tile

You read that right. Remember the days where black and white chessboard tile and red accents were a trend? Remember when I said ‘everything old is new again’? This design makes me want to grab a glass of malbec and paint. Not necessarily in this bathroom, but, you know.


This vintage style with color accents is great for smaller areas, like a small kitchen or bathroom in our opinion. This design gives off a quaint, cozy style.

Important to note is that we no longer use (well, no longer recommend… did we ever?) linoleum chessboard flooring. Now, we love to see marble and tile. It provides an absolutely stunning and modern style.

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Trickling Patterns

You may have noticed another trend in the chessboard picture: trickling patterns. No longer do some homeowners abruptly stop and start new patterns and colors! A bold new way to blend color and style is known as “trickling”.

Here’s another great example of a hexagonal tile floor transitioning into hardwood:

transitional flooring

You’ve probably seen this on Pinterest! This is super trendy right now and is typically seen with hexagonal tiles. As we say in the previous picture, various shapes can accomplish the same thing, it just depends on your preferences.

While this is popular right now and probably will be for a while, we don’t think this design is for everyone and will most likely never be a go-to flooring option.

Additionally, mixing and matching flooring hexagon flooring tiles is a creative gesture that is trending right now as well! I don’t think we’ll ever get enough of the hexagon shape, whether it be on floors, on the walls of your bathtub, or the backsplash in your kitchen.

Hexagon Tiles

Next to subway tiles, hexagon tiles have been gaining popularity since the 20th century. They propose both a classic and vintage look to any home.

In our opinion, hexagonal designs are a beautiful minimalistic vibe, and we will be seeing this pattern and design for the next decade.

Hexagonal Tiles

Whether it be tile or marble (we love marble hexagons), this geometric shape knows how to make any room feel modern and personalized.

2020 Flooring Trends

Concluding on what we predict to be the trendiest floors of 2020, we invite you to take a walk through our showroom to explore our huge selection. Fortunately, we always have experts roaming our showrooms to allow for advice and guidance for making the big decision.

Scottsdale Flooring America offers free samples to take home and offers expert knowledge for all so your design journey can be fun instead of daunting.

If you have any questions, feel free to fill out a short form with your message and we’ll get back to you within 24-48 hours. If you’re ready to see what we have, come visit us on site! We’re proud to be apart of the largest floor buying group in the industry because we are able to share our savings with our customers.

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