Great Options for Flooring In Scottsdale

Published on Sunday, December 2nd, 2012

When installing flooring in a home, there are a few options. Most flooring falls into the categories of tile, laminate and vinyl, hardwoods and bamboo, carpet, and concrete. Each type of flooring has its own advantages and disadvantages. And some types are better suited to a particular location, weather, or climate.

How Climate Affects Flooring

For example, in very wet places, such as the northwestern United States, tile or stained concrete have the advantage of being easy to clean. If shoes come into the house wet from snow, ice or rainwater, a tile or concrete floor can be a huge advantage, as it is easy to clean. Carpet would stay wet, and is much harder to clean mud out of. Wood flooring, while beautiful, is one of the highest-maintenance flooring, as it can be irreparably damaged by water, scratches or heat and sunlight. Scottsdale, located in the southwest, is a much different climate from the northwest. Dry heat is the norm for much of the year, and even in winter, the days are usually sunny and dry. Rarely is water or mud an issue, but heat is a nearly constant concern. Desert animals and plants have adapted to cope with the harsh conditions, and there is no shortage of venomous critters and thorny plants. In fact, Arizona has a saying that if it doesn’t bite, stick or sting, it’s probably a rock. Scottsdale homes can contrast this by creating a comfortable oasis, away from the harsh, unforgiving desert that surrounds them. Carpet is a good way to accomplish this. The comfort provided by Scottsdale carpet is thrown into sharp relief by stark beauty of the surrounding rocks and landscape. Modern carpet styles are a far cry from the hideous colors and styles of the mid to late 20th century. Shag and other styles have gone by the wayside, and colors now tend to compliment and accent a room instead of being the focal point. Savvy decorators will match the carpet to both the interior decorations and the natural landscape that sits just outside the windows, for a timeless, comfortable look.

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