Finishing Your Hardwood Floors

Published on Monday, November 3rd, 2014

How To Finish Your Hardwood Floors

Finishing your Hardwood Floors in Scottsdale | Scottsdale Flooring America Installing new hardwood floors is a big job that adds major value to your home. There are many style options for your hardwood flooring including modern or classic wood options. The type of finish you use on your hardwood can dramatically alter the look of the wood. Also how many coats you apply can change the look. Let’s determine how many coats of sealers you need to get the look your hoping for. Related Article: Trends in Flooring

Choosing Your Finish

Hardwood flooring finishes originally used an oil-based varnish that warms in color while it ages, although it is very slow to dry. Now water-based sealants are available that provide faster drying time and more durable qualities. These water-based sealants can be applied multiple times over one day.

Start With the Foundation

If you are refinishing your existing hardwood flooring, make sure to clean and sand the flooring. Any stains in the hardwood will show once the finish is applied. If you are staining your wood flooring make sure to allow overnight drying. Be sure to open windows and ventilate the room to keep from inhaling these vapors.

Layering and Detailing

Typically hardwood will be durable after applying three coats of sealant. You can add more sealant to high-traffic areas for more durability. Gloss sealers are more durable than satin finishes. It is best to start with a couple gloss coats and finish with the satin sealer. Sanding your sealer will erase minor impurities that may have occurred during drying time. Do not sand your final sealant coat.

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